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How oral surgery will impact my writing and writing-related work

Due to a painful dental condition necessitating surgical removal of my upper right wisdom tooth, I am scheduled to undergo oral surgery on June 16. This oral surgery was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic; my oral surgeon was not able to return to work until very recently.

My writing and writing-related work will be impacted by my oral surgery, as follows:

  • I will continue to do some writing and writing-related work, albeit at a slower pace, until I undergo oral surgery.
  • Once I undergo oral surgery, I will be taking a one-week hiatus from all writing and writing-related work.
  • My YouTube channel is officially on hiatus until after I undergo, and recover from, oral surgery; there will be no new YouTube videos from me until June 23, at the earliest. I hope to be able to upload a new YouTube video no earlier than June 23 and no later than June 30, but that window of time is tentative.
  • I will not be publishing any new books until 2021. I hope to be able to publish several books throughout 2021, but I don’t have release dates set in stone for any of my works in progress.
  • This blog, and the other Apollo Corner blogs, will go on hiatus until June 23.

I have undergone oral surgery once before, so I know what to expect from oral surgery. It takes approximately one week for my mouth to fully heal from an oral surgical procedure. Once I undergo oral surgery, I hope to be able to return to writing work as soon as possible, hopefully without having to write through pain!


By Aaron Apollo Camp

Blogger and author from Westville, Illinois. Politics, sports, and writing nerd.

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